Dean’s Message

The College of Dairy and Food Technology, Udaipur (CDFT) is a constituent college of the Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur. The onset of white revolution and implementation of the Operation Flood Programmes generated vast opportunities for the properly trained technical manpower to operate and manage the Dairy Industries. In order to create technical manpower, a graduate programme in Dairy Technology was started in the erstwhile university of Udaipur in the year 1978 in the Rajasthan College of Agriculture, which later on in 1982, led to the establishment of a separate college and faculty of Dairy Science in the university. Since then, the college has undergone various changes in the academic programmes and development of physical facilities. The college has also started a graduate programme in Food Technology from the session 1999-2000.
A new programme on B. Tech (Biotechnology) has also been added from session 2010-11 under self-finance scheme. All the programmes running at this college are being approved by AICTE every year since 2006. Presently, the college has five departments:

  1. Department of Dairy and Food Technology
  2. Department of Dairy and Food Engineering
  3. Department of Dairy and Food Chemistry
  4. Department of Dairy and Food Microbiology
  5. Department of Dairy and Food Management and Economics

The college offers four year undergraduate programme in Dairy Technology, Food Technology and Biotechnology leading to the award of B. Tech in Dairy Technology, Food Technology and Biotechnology separately. In B. Tech (DT and FT) programmes, six semesters teaching  theory and practical courses followed by one semester of experiential learning at college level and one semester of in-plant training at some large commercial composite Dairy and Food plants in the country are being offered. B.Tech. (Biotechnology) programme has 7 semesters for teaching theory and practical courses followed by one semester project work.

The college is focusing on researches related to energy audit and conservation for a small, medium and large dairy plant, minimization of energy input in processing of Dairy and Food products, development of simple convenient and efficient unit operations required for food processing, optimization of cleaning operations of heat exchanger surfaces and development of value chain in underutilized fruits and vegetables. Recently a Centre of Excellence on Maize was established under Nutri-Farm Pilot Project under RKVY.

The college has a well established Training and Placement bureau, Tomato and Aonla processing units, Condensing & Drying unit besides well-equipped Laboratories in every department, Games and Sports facility.

The college has its own hostel, which can accommodate 66 male students. The girls admitted in the college are accommodated in girls hostel of other constituent colleges of the University. CDFT has a well-established library having more than 13,200 books and 57 e-books. It subscribes to about 40 National and International Journals. A Book Bank facility for needy students on rental basis is also available. The library is equipped with internet facilities to access online journals for students and staff.