Department Of Dairy & Food Microbiology



List of Laboratories

  • G. Lab- UG Dairy & Food Microbiology Lab
  • Research Lab cum Molecular Biology Lab
  • UG Biotechnology Lab

Equipment procurement/facility development
Gradient PCR, UV-Vis Spectrophotometre, Gel Documentation Unit, Incubator Shaker, Deep Freezer, Column Chromatography, Fermenter, Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis unit, cooling high speed centrifuge, camera fitted trinocular microscope, phase contrast, research/students microscopes, computers, laminar air flow, air sampler, BOD incubator, electronic colony counters, Water bath,Hot air oven, etc.

Research Laboratory
Research schemes, P.G. thesis work, training students on Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology areas.


  • Diversification studies of Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Microbiological treatments of Dairy and Food Plant effluent.
  • Starter organisms and impact of pesticides residues.
  • Microbiology on the utilization of milk-by-products.
  • Development of milk coagulants using bacterial enzymes.
  • Development of starter culture for making products from buffalo milk, Goat milk, Sheep milk and Camel milk.
  • Development of cultures for milk preserved with LP system for the manufacture of fermented milk and cheese.
  • Fermentation in other food items and its regulation by Biotechnological means.
  • ICAR & DBT research schemes are being carried out.


Mr. Kamlesh Kumar
Assistant Prof. & In Charge,
Ph. +91 294 2470719 (O) 9680184316 (M)




Mr. Mahesh Kumar Moad
Technical Assistant
Ph. +91 294 2470719 (O) 9636544332 (M)