Foreign students are normally admitted under the category of ICAR nominee. No self-financing foreign student shall be given admission unless their case is supported by the Govt. of India, International organization, respective Govt. and approved by the Govt. of India or Indian Council of Cultural Relations or ICAR.

Admission Procedure for Foreign Students

  • Foreign students sponsored / nominated through ICAR OR ANY
    OTHER AGENCIES MENTIONED ABOVE SHALL BE REQUIRED TO pay institutional economic fee of US Dollar 200 per month or US Dollar 2000 per year per candidate in addition to the normal fees charged by the College / University from Indian students.
  • Foreign students must have valid passport and visa before they can be given admission.
  • They must get themselves registered with the police (C.I.D.) within a fortnight of their arrival.
  • They should also register with the ‘Foreign Students’ Advisor and S.W.O. of the University.
  • All foreign students must get themselves medically checked by the nearest Civil Surgeon / Supt. of district hospital at their own expenses and the certificate in a particular Performa available from the concerned colleges be submitted before they can be admitted.
  • All foreign students (fresh and returning from abroad) must get themselves screened for the disease AIDS (Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome) at their own cost and submit screening certificate from authorized medical officer before they can be considered for admission to any class.
  • Facilities for AIDS test are available at Ahmedabad, Delhi Bombay and other centers.
  • If a student is found unfit due to any disease, other then AIDS, he shall be declared temporarily unfit and can continue studies subjects to university regulations.
  • A student with confirmed AIDS disease will have to return to his country.