About Us

A graduate programme of Dairy Technology was started in the erstwhile University of Udaipur in the year 1978 in Rajasthan College of Agriculture, which led to the establishment later on in 1982 into a separate College and Faculty of Dairy Science in the University. Since then the College has undergone various changes in the academic programmes and development of physical facilities. The College has five departments namely, Department of Dairy and Food Technology, Dairy and Food Management and Economics, Department of Dairy & Food Engineering, Chemistry and Microbiology. The product of the college after completing the programme are getting employment in the Dairy & Food Processing industries within and outside state.

On account of the fast development in the processing the packaging industry the requirement of processed foods has increased tremendously for the society for domestic consumption as well as for export. Hence, a need had arisen to diversify the academic activities of the existing College of Dairy Science by initiating a graduate programme in Food Processing so as to provide competent technical manpower to the fast developing industry. Keeping this in view, the Strategic Development Project of the Rajasthan Agricultural University accepted the suggestions of the college and consequently recommended the widening of the scope of the present Dairy Science College of by converting into College of Dairy & Food Science Technology.

Consequently the Board of Studies designed a graduate programme in Food Technology parallel to the existing programme of Dairy Technology, which was approved by the Academic council for initiation from the session 1999-2000. The University received financial assistance from the World Bank and a part of the grant was earmarked for developing infrastructure and purchase of processing machineries for this college. With effect from the session 1999-2000, the College was named as College of Dairy & Food Science Technology and two departments of Dairy & Food Engineering and Dairy & Food Technology along with library, Computer and ARIS lab and classrooms were housed in the new building. The facilities for instructional processing plant particularly for food items are yet to be built up at the site. Similarly in a bid to consolidate all the facilities at one place, few
more laboratories and faculty rooms are required to be added to this building to shift the department of Dairy & Food Chemistry, Dairy & Food Microbiology and Dairy and Food Management and Economics, college administrative & accounts office & some ancillary facilities for storage.

Besides the above, facilities of some departments of College of Technology & Agriculture Engineering, Rajasthan College of Agriculture and College of Home Science are also available to the students of this college as they receive instructions from teaching staff of these colleges for some courses offered to them. The College has competent faculty available for the core subjects and few more positions are likely to be created soon with the assistance of the State Government particularly for Food Technology component.